Massage combined with remedial exercises is a powerful tool for rectifying muscle discomfort

151 Gym has 3 professional therapists for you to chose from:

We all know that many factors can contribute to stress, so when there are so many outside influences on us adding to our daily stress, why do so many of us live with muscle discomfort ?
Muscle discomfort and pain can arise from many reasons.  In our corporate fitness environment, the most common issues are created from:
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Stress
  • Overuse & poor posture

For example see the list below for common areas of muscle discomfort in humans is the more you will most likely need to be massaged.
Common areas of discomfort found with massage:
Under the base of your skull Muscles that sit on top of and around your shoulder blade (Rotator cuff group, trapezius, rhomboids) Your deep chest muscle that connects your collar bone to your ribs (Pectoralis Minor)
base of skull massage.jpeg
rotator ciff massage.jpeg
pec minor massage.jpg

Lower back musculature
The longest tendon in your body running down the outside of your thigh (commonly known as your “I.T. band)
Your deep hip musculature
lower back massage.jpeg
itb massage.jpeg

piriformis massage.jpeg

Once you have had your massage or series of treatments please consider having your overall posture and joint range of motion assessed with the clubs W.O.F. Having this assessment will drastically reduce your chances of the discomfort reappearing in a matter of weeks/months
“After almost 20 years working with clients in gyms, I have seen many, many times how not dealing with tight muscle groups leads to additional problems later.  The combination of massage, stretching and strengthening when needed is the key to having pain free fully functional muscles”. Mike Baker – Director, 151 Corporate Health Club and experienced personal trainer.

This massage service is available to members and non members. 

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When you body aches, it’s trying to tell you something, it needs attention!